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Estate Planning - Lifetime Planning
Law Firm Business | 2010/09/03 14:17
Marathon Legal LLC

Estate planning is a gift to yourself and to the people you love.  Even those of modest wealth should plan their estates, because modern estate planning means more than distributing property and avoiding taxes.  At its core, fine estate planning reaches beyond tax and distribution concerns by including written expressions of your values as they pertain to the relationships you have with other people and the wishes you have for your own care should self-care become impossible.  Fine estate planning minimizes family acrimony and mitigates the burden which poor planning transfers to the people you love when you pass away or become incapacitated.

As these comments suggest, estate planning can address a wide variety of concerns.  Although two estate plans are rarely identical, Wisconsin law has developed reliable ways to address most common concerns.  What follows are brief descriptions of the most common estate planning concerns and the corresponding legal mechanisms which are best designed to address them.

Avoiding Probate
The length and cost of probate should be of special concern to Wisconsin residents with estates whose monetary value exceeds $50,000.  Avoiding these pitfalls of probate normally involves ensuring that one’s assets are properly titled and beneficiaries properly designated.  Sometimes trusts are the most practical way to save your family the expense and burden of probate.

Providing for Minor Children

Planning your estate affords you the opportunity to speak on behalf of your minor children should you pass away or become disabled.  Rather than having a court decide who will care for them, your estate plan allows you to name appropriate guardians of your choice.  Your plan can also address how you wish to provide for your children’s support.

Incapacity Planning

As life expectancies lengthen, planning for incapacity or disability becomes increasingly important.  Powers of attorney, advance directives, and other documented instructions enable the people you trust to manage your finances and healthcare when you cannot do these things for yourself.  These aspects of your plan minimize the time and hassle others may encounter when trying to act on your behalf.

Minimizing Estate Taxes

Large estates should be concerned about laws which tax the transfer of wealth from older to younger generations.  Fortunately, these laws also reward those who plan ahead.  With proper planning, it is not uncommon for large estates to save tens-of-thousands of dollars in estate taxes – far more than the cost of most well-drafted plans.

Lynberg & Watkins - Careers
Law Firm Business | 2010/08/17 14:22

At Lynberg & Watkins, we let our principles guide us, and our commitment to these principles is evident in the opportunities we provide our team members. We successfully blend a supportive, collegial work environment with extensive knowledge and resources to represent our clients’ interests completely. Our success in all of our practice areas gives us the stability and courtroom credibility which ensures our continued success.  

We are first and foremost a litigation firm which focuses on attorney talent and development.  Our dedication to cultivating outstanding leadership and excellence provides ample opportunity for our lawyers to thrive. We are constantly working to maintain Lynberg & Watkins’ strong reputation in the legal community through our development programs, which are as varied as the work we do.

To ensure the success of our attorneys, we routinely assess and implement innovative strategies to enhance both the professional and personal experience of practicing law at Lynberg & Watkins.  This empowers our attorneys to reach their maximum potential.  Attorneys at Lynberg & Watkins experience ongoing collaboration with firm partners as well as advisory committees comprised of representatives from every career level.

While Lynberg & Watkins continues to experience considerable success in the legal arena, we know that our strength and ongoing success starts with our summer associate program.   Our summer associate program allows second and third year law students to work alongside and under the direct supervision of partners and senior associates.  Our summer associates are given a variety of legal assignments designed to complement their legal education while giving them a practical view of life as a practicing attorney and a Lynberg & Watkins associate.   

If you are interested in pursuing a career, or summer

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